We are offering you some different options to help with this campaign. Please remember that this is a volunteer effort, all expenses are covered by us and that 100% of your monetary contributions will go directly to support Loren’s caregiver services.

If you plan on making monthly contributions for your donation, please contact Robert Younger at so that we can allocate caregiver services based on projected contributions.

A note from a contributor to Loren’s campaign:

“Like so many others, words cannot describe the feelings that I had upon hearing of your illness. You have been such an inspiration to my love of tennis and to the support you show to the entire New Mexico tennis community. I am happy to contribute generously to your care giving support with the same generosity that you showed to me as a student of the game of tennis .”


1) Click the button below to make a one-time donation:

2) Set up an automatic monthly payment from your banking institution to the Medical Fund. Please contact Robert Younger at for details.

3) Send a check for your donation to:

Loren Dils Medical Fund
4116 Avenida La Resolana NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110