“I first met Loren when I was 17 and he was recruiting me to become a Lobo. In my first experience with him I could see how fiery and competitive he was and I knew pretty quickly that was the kind of energy I wanted to surround myself with. Little did I know when I signed to play at New Mexico that Loren would become one of my biggest role models. He is one who’s opinion I value as much as anyone’s. I remember the first set I played against him, and he completely kicked my butt, but after he was so reassuring that I had something special inside of me, I felt like I had no choice but to do everything I could to prove him right! He is a great motivator! In fact he still kicks my butt daily-only now the game is chess not tennis. Loren Dils, is truly a hero of mine and I am so lucky to call him a friend.”

Bart Scott, UNM Men’s Tennis Team Head Coach (2014-16), Associate Head Coach (2012-14), Assistant Coach (2008-12), Student-Athlete (1999-03)