February 2015 Update

Loren Dils

Loren has entered the seventh year of being diagnosed with ALS.  While Loren’s attitude remains remarkably positive, his physical decline necessitates ongoing caregiving services that are sadly not covered by insurance.

Loren’s physical decline necessitates ongoing caregiver services that are not covered by insurance.

A note from a contributor to Loren’s campaign:

“The reason for this note is to let you know that the highlight of my brief history of tennis was meeting you at the Lobo Club. In no way can simple words express the gratitude I feel for the times we spent together, the wonderful lessons you taught me about tennis and life. Your life continues to inspire the hearts and souls of so many people in a positive way. I can only say I feel blessed to call you a friend.”

Our goal, as a show of support and gratitude, is to help give Loren a quality of life he deserves.

Many of us have asked what we could do to assist this man who has impacted so many of us, both on and off the tennis court.  The need for financial support is great and we launched a support fund in 2012 to help pay for ongoing caregiver services.