Thank You For Your Support

Dear Supporters of Loren Dils:

I would like to first thank everyone on this list that has given to help support Loren.  Words cannot express the gratitude that Loren feels knowing there are so many people that are willing to help support him.  Last Friday, I read him the list of donors and as you can imagine, he was pretty overwhelmed.  Loren’s comment, so typically Loren, was that it is so much easier to give than to receive.

I apologize for the delay in reaching out to everyone that has donated. This has been a daunting task for me on so many levels, yet the goal is so worth the effort. I asked my friend who built the site, to add an update page so that I can just add updates as they arise and try and do a monthly “newsletter”.  This might make it easier for me to send updates to the 400 plus “friends of Loren” that we have reached out to.

Loren’s spirits stay remarkably positive as he continues to coach/support some of the young kids in beginner programs at UNM.  Two of these rising stars are his sons Connor and Tanner.  Tanner loves to coach and support his dad in running tournaments for the kids.  Connor wants to be out there winning.  Loren’s caring and giving attitude continues on so many levels.  He is quite a remarkable man.

To date we have raised almost $20,000.00 which has been so helpful with his caregiver needs.  While our goal of $168,000 seems high, we will keep on persevering as donations continue to come in and we will explore other options to keep on helping Loren.

I have been asked by some of his former players if they could host a benefit tournament to assist in raising funds.  We are exploring that idea and others to help offset his support needs.

Your emails and caring support are absolutely amazing.  Thank you all so much for everything from money to emails that go towards Loren’s support.

Robert B. Younger
(505) 250-1895